My sound is going through an explosive transformation now. I have been exploring a sort-of fusion, integrating my roots in Urban Folk Rock, New Wave—like structures, with the expansive possibilities of Electronica. I draw from a variety of styles and practices, fueled by my own intuition, imagination and creativity. I love to improvise with my voice. I was sharing some of my new stuff with someone recently and they described my voice and expression as having an…”earthy quality with an…extra-terrestrial invitation.” And I thought…huh, I like that.

I made an amazing discovery a while back, when a musicologist friend of mine did some field recordings in Burundi, Africa. He knew I’d be blown away when he sent them, as some of my vocalizations were almost identical to the native Burundians! I also have a background in crafting Sanskrit sound vibrations and I think I may have had a past life as a mountain singer. So, emerging out of my origins—layering these tribal, spiritual and ‘back porch’ type sounds with my looper—creating grooves with my synthesizer—and putting my voice through an effects machine, well crazy…interesting things transpire.

There is a lot of expansion happening, and even I do not know how this is all going to manifest. I just know that I am inspired, and feel totally alive and am just going to keep walking in this experimental direction. I feel excited to experience the unfolding!

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