Concert Dates

Moving out to the country shifted a lot of things for me musically. Well, in just about every way. Coming from almost twenty years in San Francisco—the land of magical venues— my life was so different. The saying “When you think your life is falling apart, maybe it is actually coming together”… fits me to a tee.

I have done many things here. Played for gallery openings, wineries, resorts, living rooms…and I explored playing with various other musicians—but overall felt…uninspired. I fell into a deep sad place and with a small spark of hope, like the wind on my back, started to look at my life with curious eyes. Old stuff surfaced that had been holding me back, and I basically cleaned house and was surprised with meaningful discoveries that lit the way onto an unexpected…rather enchanted path.

I discovered YouTube, started a channel and began to share my story and make music videos. This whole new way of performing and expressing myself unfolded before me and I started to feel excited about life again. A whole new, fresh me, woke up with all these ideas and momentum to create. And then something incredible happened—I fashioned a stage in my living room, which I call my “Music Lab”—This due to all the experiments occurring. I began to acquire Electronica machines and other ‘tools’ and reinvent my sound. Or maybe what I want to say is—to allow sound to move through me in the way it desires and to live in a state of surprise and muse.

I am love with the new music industry and the magical world of creating in cyber space. All the possibilities we have as musicians these days. Aside from my occasional impromptu performances, for now, this is how I will be offering my music.