Eliza Bundledee | My New Desk Chair
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My New Desk Chair

I spend a lot of time in my car, and even more hours at my desk, or in some chair engaging with my computer. Even with regular workouts, including yoga, I was feeling it in my hips and back. A close friend suggested I ditch my traditional office chair and replace it with a large exercise ball. Halleluiah!!! The solution has arrived. I LaLaLOVE my new “chair”.

I find myself doing stretches and balancings while I wait for actions to transpire on the screen or while reading something. I am no longer stagnant in the shape of a chair. I am moving the entire time I am at my desk. It is a fantastic core strength workout. And I feel more awake. This is a huge development!! I am thrilled!!!

Eliza Bundledee
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