Eliza Bundledee | Exorcism of Abuse (The Video Series)
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Exorcism of Abuse (The Video Series)

I recently completed my “Exorcism of Abuse” series. Twenty-six videos! The “Exorcism” was the process of me making a symbolic piece of artwork releasing myself of negativity and yucky drama. Each episode I find something (including the canvas!) that symbolizes some sort of skill, awareness or comfort related to healing and discovering ones personal power and sense of worth and lovability.

I put my heart and soul into the project, which took five years to complete. I am quite candid in my expressions. People comment about how personal the series is and how brave I am. It is not bravery that encouraged me to finish the project. It was empathy and a desire to bring a voice to those who are still oppressed in the shroud of abuse. It is my hope that people recovering from abuse, sexual assault or domestic violence will find support and solace here.

There is humor and joy woven throughout the series. The emphasis is on recovery so there is an uplifting and fun feeling of moving forward. Of learning and evolving out of the darkness and isolation one can feel when engaged in an abusive situation. If you yourself are still stuck or if you know someone who could use some love, please visit my You Tube channel and check out the series in my Playlist.

Eliza Bundledee
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