Eliza Bundledee | The Happiest Flower in the World
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The Happiest Flower in the World

Yep, my favorite flower is the sunflower. It’s funny that people somehow figure this out. Tis’ the season!!!! I have been seeing these beautiful bouquets in the local markets and have hesitated—due to travel and such. But the other day I thought…get the flowers! I have always been a ‘flowers around the house’ kind of person. They just lift the energy and my spirits. I live alone, which I have come to really love. My entire life has been about living with people and creatures. After my kitty died six months ago…I suddenly realized, it is the first time I have lived without another living, breathing being. Spiders don’t count…..

Last night a friend came by for dinner and brought me a huge bouquet of sunflowers!!! So now, my home is filled with this delightful, joyous, bright, cheerful vigor. It is FABULOUS!! Then I got en email from another friend, of this glorious field of sunflowers at sunset. This is my heaven!!

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