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I love to travel. Although these days air travel can be annoying. I am practicing a fresh attitude of acceptance with the new ways things are done. I miss the days when your peeps could send you off, and the extraordinary feeling of getting off a plane and having friends and family right there at the gate to greet you. And the whole security check-in. Why is it that sometimes we have to take off shoes (and in many airports, there is no seating where you can put them back on!!) separate liquids into a plastic bags, pull out your computer, take off your jacket….and then sometimes they toss all these regulations and let everyone through. This is often when there are tons of people coming through, which I would think would be even more of a time to amp up security. What is the point?

I also have a huge frustration that hovers around my mind with the cramped quarters inside the plane. I can remember when seats were spacious, meals were served (you could even order vegetarian meals ahead of time) and it was really pleasant.

I am writing this in the Portland, Oregon airport. Something I love about this airport  is that they actually have grand pianos in various spots and a real human is actually playing beautiful, soothing music. Sometimes it is a professional or as in the photo above, this guy was just a traveler and wow…incredible classical pianist!!! You would never know!!! They amplify the sound so you can enjoy it from a fairly nice distance. They also have local art throughout the airport, which is such a nice touch. I also encountered a clarinet player in Minneapolis and a band with people dancing in Detroit!!

My favorite part of travel, are all the amazing people one can meet. I always seem to have incredible connections and conversations that are so inspired. I think that travel is overall good for the soul. Getting a fresh perspective in life is important, helpful and sort-of launches ones sense of adventure and can open your mind to our universal connection with humanity—which I believe is much needed in this world. Oh…time board! Off I go!

Eliza Bundledee
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