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This past year I have been traveling back and forth across the country. My Mama has Alzheimer’s and my Dad has had a mini stroke, and I was helping them downsize and go through their things and move into a retirement community. The task was rather daunting and I was rather surprised when it actually all happened and the transition made. Somehow I thought it would never end. And just the experience, looking at their empty home, it was devastating, and yet I knew it was the right thing at the right time and there was a sort-of peace.

I have had so many feelings around all of it. So many friends and just people I have met in my travels that have gone through this kind of thing, or the inevitable loss of a parent or parents. I feel like these people really are these angels for me, helping me to put my own sadness into perspective. Life is so fragile, brutal and yet so lovely, beautiful and magical.

My last trip to the storage unit, I had this feeling wash over me realizing that this was actually a phase. That there are more changes to come. More visits to the storage unit. And eventually my parents, as we all do, transition into non-physical. I find I have to make myself move at times. Get out of the house, workout, visit with friends…keep the energy moving. And this helps enormously!!! Whatever we are going through, yes, sometimes we need to retreat, but engaging with life, interacting with fresh air and bringing our attention to friends and those around us is total happy mojo!! I say take care of your precious heart but get busy being happy!!! And as I sit here, after a morning of sadness, I took myself out for lunch and said to myself, Beautiful One, you must sip your own medicine.

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