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I live out in the country and it is an absolutely glorious, one-hour drive, to get anywhere civilized. I did not have a car for years. I live in town and rode my bike, all year round…And I loved that. I was doing a lot of healing and maintained a very simple life. I have colored lights woven into the spokes of my tires. At night they are so delightful. I always get cars honking, people cheering out their windows, such fun for everyone! I remember one night, riding home from my Martial Arts class, where I got caught in a snowfall. I was very, very careful, due to the road conditions, but the lights twinkling on the snow was so…mystical.

Last year, my mother, who has Alzheimer’s, could no longer drive. She just loved her car. It was her “princess”. She and my father said to me one night, you need a car. Your mother’s car is a wagon, you can haul all your music, art and filming equipment around and….basically, you need a car and we are giving you this vehicle. So, late one evening this huge semi pulls up in front of my home and delivers Mama’s princess. My Mom’s name is Connie, and her lucky number is 6. So I named the car “Connie6”. I got a special license plate. Of course, I took a picture of it and sent it to Mama. She treasures it!!!

It has been so fun. All my friends call her Connie6 just like she is another person, an extension of me. I call my parents every day and Mama always says, “Now what did you and Connie6 do today?” And she just loves the stories. I often call when I am out and actually in Connie6. She really loves this. It is such a fun way to connect with my Mom. Joyful.

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