Eliza Bundledee | My Bike Has Bling!
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My Bike Has Bling!

Dropping an anchor into the water, it just sinks with such ease, motivation. From the weight. But lifting off the ground…somehow there seems a different energy there, like that squat, which is a drop, before the jump up, the take off. There is an effort. I have been learning to fly. Internally speaking. I have been practicing, with a conscious fire, soothing myself up and out of negative thoughts for a while now. Like with anything, practice is magic. It starts to become natural.

It is kind-of like riding a bike. I live in a small town where it is very easy to get about on a bicycle. Before Connie6, I rode my bike, all year round…And I loved that. I was doing a lot of healing and maintained a very simple life for quite a few years. My bike was a huge part of how I lifted my spirits. It was a part of the practice of changing my thinking patterns. Once you start coasting along on a bike, it is hard not to feel a childlike joy.

At one point, I got some colored lights and wove them into the spokes of my tires. At night they are so delightful. Of course, people honk and yell out their windows…I am like a magical circus show! Sometimes a little bling is all we need to get the wheel rolling and take off into an enchanted flight!

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