Eliza Bundledee | Eliza Bundledee
Eliza Bundledee is an imaginative, mixed-media expressionist. As a musician, painter, writer, dancer, yogini, martial artist, mother and grandmother, her countenance is richly vibrant. What fuels her enthusiasm is her instinct to explore, create and express herself.
Eliza Bundledee, artist, musician, Goldendale Washington,
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Hello, friends, fellow co-creators, and those of you who are just curious as to who I am and what exactly I do - I am so excited to offer you this website. You will now be able to access of my social media, art, products, videos and concert dates, all in one place. This is where I share my interesting visions and manifestations within and through the spheres of music, art, healing and communication. I am sincerely happy for you to visit and be a part of my inspired life, enthusiastic imagination and creative expressions.

Your support makes my dream, which is to continue to create, explore and express myself and inspire self-acceptance, courage and joy in you, a reality!

Art Designs Available On Products In My Shopify Store
Art Designs Available On Products In My Cafe Press Shop